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Name(s)Division(s)Position     Level     Phone      Email
Richard de Meester55+GoaltenderCompetitive
Gord Barth55+/45+GoaltenderRecreational
Nelson Pigeau - NCHL45+GoaltenderJr.
Marty Nelson45+/35+GoaltenderCompetitive Minor250-709-7697 or
Logan White - 35 Rangers35+/RECGoaltenderCompetitive Minor250-619-8744 or
Chris Wyatt - NCHL35+/RECGoaltenderJr.
Phil HarrisRECGoaltenderJr.
Roger Cabral - NCHL55+ForwardCompetitive
Lloyd Poll55+Forward/DefenceRecreational Minor250-716-6144 or
Andrew (RANDY) Barnes55+Forward/DefenceRecreational Minor250-616-3145 or
Guy Bezeau55+ForwardJr.
Mark McLeod45+ForwardCompetitive
Bob Duggan45+Forward/DefenceRecreational Minor250-816-5042 or
Bob Gottschlich45+/35+DefenceJr. A, Sr. A/
Blair Schott35+ForwardCompetitive
Tim Collins35+DefenceJr. A, Sr. A/
Curtis MoonRECDefenceRecreational